nier automata outfits thumbnail

An ultimate guide to NieR Automata outfits

Are you fond of dressing up your characters in RPGs? Well, with the YoRHa Edition’s game, you can have a chance to customize your characters by unlocking NieR Automata outfits. Go...
remothered tormented fathers story thumbnail

Remothered Tormented Fathers Story (Game Explanation)

Remothered Tormented Fathers story leads us into horrible and crazy aftermath of sick human thoughts, wishes, and specifically 2 fathers. Remothered Tormented Fathers is an award-winning indie game product that tells a...
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Rise of Insanity Review for VR (Horror Game)

VR allows you to separate from the outside world and ultimately become a character in the story. You no longer feel safe compared to watching the character through TV screen. You...
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Test Of Courage Review for PC (Horror Game)

Test Of Courage is an indie horror game that tests the meaning of true friendship. What do players have to do? Embody Marco and guide him around Brave Wood Academy in...
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The Forest crafting, when crafting becomes an art

Like me, fans of the survival adventure series have had to wait a long time to experience Endnight Games Ltd.'s creation fully. But I can say that a period of four...
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Ensure your victory with Green Hell map reviews

In the last few years, there haven't been as many survival-adventure games that have achieved as much success as Green Hell. What is its secret? This article will talk about a...
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The Park game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Everything that appears in The Park game has its dark corners. And to be able to detect them, observers need to have their own unique and profound point of view. In...
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Everything you need to know about The Forest map

A horrible scheme and mutated humans make The Forest map one hell of a roller coaster. Players’ mission is to follow the footsteps of Eric LeBlanc. He is a loving father...
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BIGFOOT game Review for PC (Horror Game)

Being one of the most familiar figures for the fantasy and horror game line, Bigfoot is the central theme of the same-name game that lately got boosted. BIGFOOT game was first...
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Amnesia Rebirth Review for PC (Horror Game)

As a die-hard fan of horror genre, no one would miss the boom hit of Amnesia series, especially when the latest part Amnesia Rebirth has been released recently. I have tried...